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Komet 7

Komet software allows the capture and analysis of images from ‘The Comet Assay’. The Comet Assay permits the quantification of DNA damage and repair in single cell preparations and is applicable to any eukaryotic cell. The assay can be used in both in-vitro and in-vivo testing and has been shown to be a powerful and sensitive predictor of genetic toxicity.

  • One-click capture and analysis of comets
  • Rapid scoring protocols
  • Computes all internationally accepted comet measurements
  • Pop-up controls accelerate scoring and minimize fatigue
  • Integrated creation of summary statistics

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The Comet Assay is a powerful tool for applications as diverse as cancer research, safety testing of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, environmental and occupational studies, dietary and even fertility research. Because the assay can be adapted to virtually any cell-type from almost any organism and study designs can be created to characterize D damage and repair as well as D integrity and comparisons between different populations, the assay is widely used in many different disciplines.

Since its inception in the 1980’s, the Comet Assay rapidly evolved as a valuable tool for research and safety testing. The adoption of the OECD Guidelines entitled “In-Vivo Mammalian Alkaline Comet Assay” (TG489) on September 26th 2014, marks a significant watershed as the assay is now officially embraced for safety testing among regulators responsible for human health and well-being.

In recognition of this important development, Andor Technology is proud to announce Komet 7 and Komet 7-GLP our latest versions of the original Komet software first released in 1992 by Kinetic Imaging. Komet 7 and Komet 7-GLP embrace new OECD requirements building on the experience developed over the last 20 years. Komet 7 maintains backward compatibility for hundreds of existing users, while also enabling new possibilities using the latest computer systems, cameras and light source developments. Komet is the most highly referenced comet assay analysis solution in research publications: invest in Komet for your D integrity research.

Fast and easy to use – pop-up controls accelerate scoring and minimize fatigue -

Proven performance – reliable data analysis with backward compatibility -

User-friendly, freely distributed Database Viewer application -

Databases include all comet images, parameters and audit trails -

Integrated creation of summary statistics – optimizes data workflow and reporting -

Facilitates OECD TG 489 guideline requirements for data and statistical analysis -

Fulfills FDA 21CFR part 11 requirements for electronic data -

Certified Windows 7 compatibility - Windows 8.1 coming soon -

Large Field of View options – score several cells per image -

“Virtual Camera” – scores live images from ANY camera you already own -

LED light sources - replace mercury bulbs with safe, efficient, long-life illumination -

Complete solutions with the latest microscopes, cameras, workstations -

Developed under ISO9001 quality assured engineering processes -

Suitable for cancer research, toxicity studies and dietary research amongst others -


LL-PE300-WHT-NK1-I - Suitable for Nikon Ti, TE2000, Eclipse 50-90i, E400-600, FN1, AZ100

LL-PE300-WHT-OL1-I - Suitable for all Olympus scopes apart from BH2, LV200, LEXT, IMT 

LL-PE300-WHT-LE1-I - Suitable for all Leica compound microscopes (not stereo microscopes) 

LL-PE300-WHT-ZS1-I - Suitable for all Zeiss scopes 

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