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Optical Spectrometers - Czerny-Turner & Echelle

Andor’s portfolio of optical spectrometers offer intelligent, modular, multi-modal, high-resolution, and compact spectrometers suitable for a range of spectroscopy applications such as raman, luminescence, absorption, OES & LIBS, microspectroscopy, non-linear spectroscopy, material science, chemical processes, plasma studies and biomedical/life science

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Kymera Czerny-Turner Spectrometers

Intelligent and multi-modal optical spectrometers for physical and life science. Kymera spectrometers offer unmatched versatility, with their customizable platform catering to both imaging and spectroscopy needs.

Kymera 193i

  • 193 mm focal length
  • F/3.6 aperture
  • Adaptive Focus (Patented)
  • Dual detector outputs
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Kymera 328i

  • 328 mm focal length
  • F/4.1 aperture
  • Adaptive Focus (Patented)
  • Dual inputs and outputs
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Shamrock Czerny-Turner Spectrometers

High resolution, extended multi-track and versatile Czerny-Turner spectrometers. Our Shamrock series has exceptional modularity, seamlessly integrating with our renowned cameras, excelling in applications like raman spectroscopy.

Shamrock 500i

  • 500 mm focal length
  • F/6.5 aperture
  • Resolution down to 0.03 nm
  • Dual inputs and outputs
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Shamrock 750

  • 750 mm focal length
  • F/9.7 aperture
  • Resolution down to 0.02 nm
  • Dual inputs and outputs
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Mechelle Echelle Spectrometer

Simultaneous High Bandpass and High-Resolution Echelle Spectrometer. Mechelle Series delivers high-resolution spectroscopy over a broad spectral range, ideal for multifaceted detection.

Mechelle 5000

  • Large simultaneous bandpass
  • Resolution power up to 6,000
  • Low crosstalk patented optical design
  • Built-in temperature correction
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Spectrometer Cameras for UV to NIR and SWIR

Spectrometer-based diagnostics in the fields of Material Science, Chemistry, Life Science or Fundamental Physics & Optics rely on the capture and analysis of optical and chemical signatures with a high degree of precision.

Andor portfolio of CCD, EMCCD, InGaAs, ICCD and sCMOS cameras offer tailored solutions to particular sample or optical phenomena detection and characterisation challenges for Raman, Luminescence/Photoluminescence, Non-Linear or Optical Emission Spectrometer /LIBS –based experiments.

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