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  • Microscopy Systems - Benchtop and High-end Spinning Disk Systems
  • Microscope Cameras - EMCCD, sCMOS and CCD Cameras
  • Microscopy Image Analysis - Imaris AI Image Analysis Software

Our Microscopy Quick Quote Solutions

Microscopy Systems

  • BC43 Benchtop and Dragonfly Systems
  • 2D/3D Fast & High-Resolution Microscopy
  • Widefield, Confocal and Super-Resolution
  • Routine Imaging to Advanced Techniques
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Microscope Cameras

  • Cutting-edge EMCCD, sCMOS & CCD technology
  • Outstanding Imaging Performance & Ease of Use
  • Wide Range of Illumination & QE Options
  • Fast & Sensitive Multi-Megapixel Models
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Analysis Software

  • Imaris 2D/3D/4D AI Visualization & Analysis Software
  • Wide Range of Market Leading Features
  • Intuitive Workflows & High-Performance Rendering
  • Application-Specific Modules Available
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