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Are you considering upgrading your imaging capabilities but are working within the confines of an equipment budget? You won’t believe how much we can improve your imaging performance.

Interline CCD and early sCMOS technology has been the dominant ‘workhorse’ detector type for cell microscopy.

Recent developments to our sCMOS sensor platform and interface created a new vastly superior alternative to interline CCDs and early sCMOS cameras. Andor’s Zyla 4.2 Plus sCMOS offers;

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Comparing Zyla sCMOS versus Interline CCD

The table below compares some typical performance specifications of a 1.4MP interline CCD to those of the new Zyla 4.2P sCMOS, outlining the approximate factor improvement that is available.

ParameterTypical Interline CCD SpecificationsZyla sCMOS SpecificationssCMOS Factor Improvement (approx.)
Read Noise6 e-0.90 e-9x More Sensitive
Quantum Efficiency60%82%9x More Sensitive
Sustained Frame Rate12 fps @ 1.4 MP53 fps @ 4.2 MP 107 fps @ 1.4MP ROI8x Faster
Dynamic Range2,250:133,000:114x More Dynamic Range
Sensor Format1.4 MP4.2 MP3x More Pixels

Why is Zyla such an all-round great imager?

  • Superior performance – vastly superior to interline across key performance parameters.
  • Image Quality - a huge amount of effort and on-camera (FPGA) intelligence has gone into optimizing image quality in Andor sCMOS.
  • Flexibility – fast, slow, weak, bright, pixel binned, region of interest and rolling shutter. Andor sCMOS is adaptable to a broad gamut of application requirements
  • Affordable Price – with so many superb features, we have endeavoured to make the Andor sCMOS accessible to every lab.
Zyla cMOS and CCD

Zyla 4.2P sCMOS

ZYLA 4.2P USB3 is the ideal detector for all applications in microscopy offering a large field of view combined with fast frame rates, extremely low read noise and higher QE.

  • 82 % QE
  • 4.2 Megapixel
  • NEW 53 fps from USB 3.0
  • NEW 99.8% linearity
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Single Photon Detection

If you require single photon sensitivity the new ‘supercharged’ iXon Ultra 888 is the perfect solution. Combining this camera with the free Optomask* it can achieve speeds of 697 fps from a 128x128 ROI.

  • Largest Field of View EMCCD
  • Single Photon Sensitive
  • Back-illuminated 1024 x 1024 sensor
  • >90% QE
  • 697 fps from 128 x 128 (cropped sensor)
  • USB 3.0
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Our Customers

Learn how our customers use Andor sCMOS cameras for their Applications. We have a range of case studies available to read which highlight different applications of microscopy with a variety of microscopy set-ups.

"In comparisons, Andor’s sCMOS camera showed lowest dark noise, biggest field of view and fastest frame rate.."

Dr. Yan Gu

"The new Andor Zyla delivers high speed, sensitivity and resolution in one package and unleashes the full potential of our microscopes."

Jan Huisken
Max Planck Institute, Dresden

"For all of our microscopy applications, these new iXon cameras have been a breakthrough."  

Dr. Tobias Walther
Max Planck Institute, Martinsried

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