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Measuring relative vibrations between life science cameras

To measure relative vibrations produced by Andor cameras, we use a piezoelectric accelerometer. The piezoelectric crystal, installed on the top of the camera, converts mechanical vibrations into voltage, which amplitude is proportional to the amplitude of the vibrations.

Measurements across our life-science camera portfolio shows how Zyla performs compared to the well-known ultra-low vibration of our iXon Ultra 897 EMCCD. iXon Ultra 897 always had a very good reputation for being the lowest vibration EMCCD on the market and is very much favoured by vibration-sensitive experiments such as super-resolution microscopy. One can notice that the air-cooled Zyla has similar vibrations than that of iXon Ulta 897 and that the water-cooled version of the Zyla has even lower vibrations, which makes them both suitable for single-molecule localization as well.

Relative vibrations produced by Andor cameras

Relative vibrations produced by Andor cameras

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Author: Andor

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