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Setting up Multitrack Mode in Solis Software

Multitrack mode is an option in Solis that allows the camera to acquire a specified number of tracks across the height of the CCD. Each track will contain data from a defined number of rows vertically summed together and is especially useful if using a multi leg fibre optic measuring various sources.

Multitrack mode can be enabled from the Setup Acquisition menu by selecting Multi-track from the Read mode options. Opening MT-Setup will display the following dialogue.

In this dialogue there are 2 options, Standard and Custom.

  • Standard: The number of tracks and height of each track is defined. Each track will be equally spaced out across the sensor. The offset will set the spacing between each track.
  • Custom: User defined tracks specifying the start and end rows.

Example using 3-way Fibre Bundle, SR-303i Spectrograph, DH334 iStar and Solis Software

Take an image of the 3 fibre bundles to find the row positions of each.

Taken at the zero order.

Take note of the row positions for each fibre bundle.

Open the Setup Acquisition and select Multi-track as the Read mode.

Open the MT Setup dialogue. In this example, Custom tracks will be defined as the fibre images are at specific rows.

Move the centre wavelength as desired and take an acquisition. Your data should appear in the following format:

Alternatively, you can view each track individually as a spectra by selecting the 2D view.

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Date: April 2022

Author: Andor Support Team

Category: Technical Article

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