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Multimodal Molecular Spectroscopy for Medical Diagnosis

Spectroscopic methods are increasingly being used to address biomedical research questions. The field has grown rapidly over the past ten years and has entered into a new era in part thanks to advances in instrumentation but also, perhaps most importantly, thanks to an enhanced cross-disciplinary dialogue between spectroscopists and clinicians.

A particularly powerful spectroscopic method for biomedicine is Raman spectroscopy. This webinar reports on linear and non-linear spectroscopy approaches (with an emphasis on Raman technologies) for disease diagnosis and therapy.

The webinar will look at efforts to translate researched multimodal spectroscopic approaches into automated systems with a high technology readiness level (TRL) for clinical applications.

Learning Objectives of Webinar

  • Understand the basic principle of linear and non-linear Raman spectroscopic techniques for tissue and cell diagnostics.
  • Grasp some unmet medical needs that can be addressed by spectroscopic diagnostics – with examples in infectiology, oncology and pathology.
  • Understand the great potential that medical Raman spectroscopy has when it comes to complementing established clinical diagnostic tools.

Date: May 2019

Author: Juergen Popp (Leibniz-Institute of Photonic Technology Jena, Germany)

Category: Webinar

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