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Gated sCMOS Technology for the Study of Plasmas

Gated detectors enable extremely high time resolution analysis - down a billionth of a second accuracy - of ultrafast transient phenomena such as laser-induced, RF or Inductively-coupled plasmas. Combining fats, high dynamic range sCMOS technology with fast gated nanosecond image intensifiers enables much faster experimental throughput and diagnostics than conventional CCD, interline or EMCCD-based gated cameras.

In this educational webinar, Product Specialist Thomas Woodward introduces the fundamentals of gated sCMOS detectors and how they can be used for fast time resolved plasma imaging and spectroscopy applications. 

Learning Objectives:

• Recap the basics principals of intensified sCMOS technology
• Understand the strengths and weaknesses of intensified sCMOS technology
• Understand how gated sCMOS technology can be utilised to image the dynamic generation of plasmas
• Understand how gated sCMOS technology can be utilized for plasmas spectroscopy techniques

Date: July 2020

Author: Dr Thomas Woodward

Category: Webinar


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