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Configure SOLIS software to allow control of supported non- Andor spectrographs

Products Applicable – All Andor cameras

Software Applicable – Andor SOLIS

The steps below outline the procedure to configure Andor SOLIS software to allow control of a supported non- Andor spectrograph.

  • First, connect the spectrograph to the PC using a supported interface (in this example the RS232 interface will be used).

Figure 1 - RS232 Cable being attached to both PC and spectrograph

  • Power on the PC and
  • Start the Andor SOLIS
  • Select Hardware >> Setup Spectrograph within the SOLIS menu

Figure 2

  • Select the spectrograph manufacturer from the drop-down menu in the Setup Spectrograph

Figure 3

  • Select the spectrograph model from the drop-down

Figure 4

  • Select the communication interface that you will be using and configure the interface settings (if applicable). Then select Load Defaults from Spectrograph.

Figure 5

  • A Read Defaults window should appear showing the communication has been established and that SOLIS has been able to read information from the spectrograph eg. grating configuration.
  • Press OK to close the Read Defaults window and then OK in the Spectrograph Setup window.

Figure 6

If you require any further assistance, please contact your local Andor Support Representative. Support - Andor - Oxford Instruments (

Date: April 2022

Author: Andor Support Team

Category: Technical Article

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