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Broadband Nanoscale SERS by Multiresonant Plasmonic Devices

In this webinar Mietong Nie will discuss how surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has become a sensitive detection technique for biochemical analysis. We reported that multiresonant nanolaminate plasmonic nanocavities on vertical nanopillar arrays can support a multi-band surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy operation with large enhancement factors (- 106) under 532, 633, and 785 nm laser excitations at the single nanocavity level, which is due to the presence of multiple spectrally separated and spatially overlapped hybrid plasmonic modes in nanolaminate plasmonic nanocavities over a broad vis–NIR range.

Date: November 2022

Author: Mietong Nie

Category: Webinar


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