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For systems that do not support the Andor FRAPPA device (e.g. Micro-Manager), it is necessary to initialize the bypass galvo so that light can pass through the unit for imaging. This script initializes the bypass angle and should be called once after initialization of the FRAPPA. In Micro-Manager, call the script from Beanshell using e.g. // Set FRAPPA galvo position to 6.5 degrees for this system's light // path. // // However the script won't run inside Micro-Manager since // tillimic.dll also uses log4j. Therefore use a sub-shell as a // workaround (i.e. the `CMD /C` prefix). exec("CMD /C C:/Python27/python C:/MM/ 6.5 2>&1");

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Date: Jan 2014

Author: Pariksheet Nanda

Coding Types: Andor Basic