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Top 10 Tips for Getting the Best
from Your Microscope Camera

In this eBook explore practical insights from Dr. Alan Mullan, Product Specialist for Microscopy Cameras at Andor Technology, as he shares some simple tips on how to get the best out of the imaging camera on your microscope.

While the camera cannot make up for a sub-optimal sample conditions or preparation, it is certainly possible to get the best out of your camera and obtain the best possible image quality. Some of these tips may seem simple but can be easily overlooked as we focus on the research tasks ahead.

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Microscope Cameras - sCMOS, EMCCD & CCD

Andor's range of high-performance microscope imaging cameras are suited to a wide variety of microscopy applications, from extremely challenging single molecule tracking to routine wide-field fluorescence microscopy of living or fixed cells.

Our extensive portfolio is characterised by outstanding imaging performance and ease of use, empowering customers to see more, faster, and to push the boundaries of science.