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The Microscopy Dictionary

Terms from A-Z

The Microscopy Dictionary - Terms from A-Z, is a comprehensive resource that provides a wide range of terms and definitions related to microscopy. In this eBook you will find a collection of key terminology and concepts used in the field of microscopy.

This eBook also covers various topics such as imaging techniques, microscope components, sample preparation, image analysis, and more. It serves as a valuable reference for anyone involved in microscopy or those looking to expand their knowledge in this area.

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Andor’s Confocal Microscopy Systems

Andor’s microscopy system portfolio provides the most flexible confocal imaging systems for routine to advanced microscopy research. Our cutting-edge Dragonfly systems provide fast and high-resolution imaging in multiple modalities. The BC43 benchtop confocal microscope brings compact high-end imaging at the push of a button.