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Quantum Efficiency in Action

Understanding CCD, EMCCD, and sCMOS Sensors

Unlock the secrets to maximizing detection system performance with our eBook! Sensitivity is the heart of any detection system, and the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) is crucial to truly grasp its effectiveness. Think of it as ensuring the signal shines brilliantly amid the noise.

Dive into our guide to discover how to:

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Cameras for Quantum Optics

Andor's product portfolio features a range of high performance detector solutions that are widely used in entangled photon studies, leading to important new capabilities in quantum optics and quantum information science. Quantum cryptography, communication and computing may soon rely on high-fidelity readouts of entangled photons.

Crucially, Andor’s unparalleled commitment to superb quality of design to deliver quantitative measurements is aimed at maximizing your throughput and to minimize the noise critical for entanglement studies.

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