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Microscopy Buyers Guide

Key Configuration Factors

Many factors affect the price of confocal microscopy systems and when purchasing a microscope, one must consider the complexity of the instrumentation and the capabilities it provides. Clearly the more complex the confocal, spinning disk, widefield or TIRF system configuration, the higher the associated cost of the system. Many choices are posed to the potential buyer: options for multiple imaging modes, highly sensitive detectors, simultaneous multicolour imaging, and multimodality.

Overall, in this eBook we provide an extensive list of hardware, software and maintenance options that are poised for the buyer when deciding on a system suitable for your applications.

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Andor’s Confocal Microscopy Systems

Andor’s microscopy system portfolio provides the most flexible confocal imaging systems for routine to advanced microscopy research. Our cutting-edge Dragonfly systems provide fast and high-resolution imaging in multiple modalities. The BC43 benchtop confocal microscope brings compact high-end imaging at the push of a button.