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Exploring Spectroscopy eBook

Low Dark Current Deep-Depletion CCD Technology

Standard back-illuminated, deep-depletion (BI-DD) CCDs offer quantum efficiencies (QE) up to 95% in the near-infrared (NIR). This makes them the detector of choice for photoluminescence, Raman or plasmonics spectroscopy in the 700 - 1,100 nm range. One disadvantage of deep-depletion devices has been a significant associated increase in dark current (~100 times) compared to standard back-illuminated, visible-optimized CCDs.

This eBook explores how a new generation of Low Dark-Current, Deep-Depletion (LDC-DD) CCDs now overcomes this limitation, and challenges the need for liquid-nitrogen (LN2)-cooling for photon-starved NIR spectroscopy.

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Andor's Spectroscopy Solutions

Andor’s modular spectroscopy platforms are designed to tackle analytical challenges from UV to SWIR, from macro- to nano-scale, with fluxes down to single photon and time-resolution down to nanosecond. Our range can be seamlessly configured to provide optimised detection solutions for wide range of applications.