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Exploring Microscopy Techniques eBook

Confocal, Widefield, Transmitted Light and Deconvolution

With the evolution of microscopy systems, there has been a concurrent development in microscopy techniques. The first techniques in microscopy were based on Transmitted Light Microscopy. Additional techniques that are paramount to modern microscopists are Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy. Furthermore, image reconstruction and treatment through photon reassignment is an essential factor in post imaging acquisition treatment. As such, Deconvolution software has become an essential tool for post-acquisition image treatment.

This eBook provides an expert overview of microscopy acquisition and post-acquisition techniques such as Confocal, Widefield Fluorescence, Transmitted Light and Deconvolution and delivers a summary of suitable Microscopy Systems solutions matched to a wide range of life science research applications.

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Andor’s Confocal Microscopy Systems

Andor’s microscopy system portfolio provides the most flexible confocal imaging systems for routine to advanced microscopy research. Our cutting-edge Dragonfly systems provide fast and high-resolution imaging in multiple modalities. The BC43 benchtop confocal microscope brings compact high-end imaging at the push of a button.