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iKon-XL 231

The iKon-XL 231 model uses the e2v CCD231-84 ‘astro’ back-illuminated sensor, offering a very large 61.4 x 61.7 mm imaging area from a 4096 x 4112 array format and 15 μm pixel size. Available with a range of sensor QE coatings, in both standard and deep depletion formats (the latter for extended NIR coverage), the model also offers the absolute best CCD performance available, combining exceptionally low read noise of 2.1 e- with a very large well depth of 350,000 e-. The iKon- XL 231 can be considered the ultimate camera for challenging Astronomy observations, including exoplanet discovery, large sky surveys, photometry, astro-spectroscopy (Echelle) and debris tracking. 0622 R1

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Last Updated: July 5, 2022, 3:28 pm

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