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The Ultimate Quantum Imaging Checklist

Top 10 Tips For Imaging Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Imaging is a technique that uses quantum entanglement to produce images with enhanced resolution and sensitivity. It involves creating pairs of entangled photons, sending one photon through an object to be imaged, and using the other photon to create an image.

This Quantum Imaging checklist provides a set of guidelines for ensuring that quantum imaging experiments are conducted accurately and transparently. It includes steps for verifying the quality of the entangled photon pairs, performing calibration procedures, and reporting results in a way that is clear and reproducible. By following the checklist, researchers can improve the reliability and credibility of their quantum imaging experiments, which is essential for advancing the field and developing new applications.

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Cameras for Quantum Optics

Andor's product portfolio features a range of high performance detector solutions that are widely used in entangled photon studies, leading to important new capabilities in quantum optics and quantum information science. Quantum cryptography, communication and computing may soon rely on high-fidelity readouts of entangled photons.