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PC Specifications for sCMOS

This document provides the specifications of three different workstations from Dell which can be used to acquire images from the Neo 5.5, Zyla 5.5 and Zyla 4.2 USB3 and 10-tap sCMOS cameras.

Andor has provided guidelines as to the amount of data that can be acquired from each workstation based on our test results. For each specification we can recommend the suitability for 3-tap, USB 3.0 or 10-tap sCMOS and the capacity of the PC RAM or SSD for sustained acquisitions.

The specifications for all workstations are outlined below. These PC’s are available to order from Andor and the product codes are defined below.

*It is important to note that the testing of these PC’s was performed using the Neo/Zyla and Andor Solis software. We cannot guarantee that the same results would be achieved using other devices and software packages.

Camera Type PC Capacity of RAM/SSD Andor Product Code
Zyla 5.5 10-Tap & Zyla 4.2 10-Tap Dell T7910XL with 1 TB SSD in RAID0 120,000 12-bit full frame images WKST-1 WIN
Neo 5.5 3-tap / Zyla 5.5 USB3 & 10-Tap / Zyla 4.2 USB3 & 10-Tap Dell T5810XL with 64 GB RAM 6,000 12-bit full frame images WKST-3 WIN

PC for Zyla 5.5 10-Tap & Zyla 4.2 10-Tap (WKST-1 WIN)

Item Recommended and tested by Andor
Chassis T7910XL Tower
CPU E5-2640 v3 (Eight Core, 2.6 GHz)
Memory 8GB (2x4GB) 2133MHz DDR4 ECC RDIMM
Boot Drive 500GB 2.5inch Serial ATA (7.200 Rpm) Hard Drive
OS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition
Raid Controller MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i12Gb/s PCIe SATA/SAS HW RAID controller (1GB cache)
RAID Drives 1TB – 4 x SSD RAID0 >850MB/s – Samsung SM841N
Graphics Card 4GB NVIDIA Quadro K2200
PCIe Slots x16: Graphics Card
x16: Karbon-CL 10-Tap Framegrabber
x4: RAID controller
x1, x4: free

PC for Neo 5.5 3-tap and Zyla 5.5 USB3 & 10-Tap and Zyla 4.2 USB3 & 10-Tap (WKST-3 WIN)

Item Recommended and tested by Andor
Chassis T5820 Tower XCTO Base
CPU Intel Xeon W-2125 (Quad Core 4.0GHz, 4.5GHz Turbo)
Memory 64GB (4 x 16 GB), DDR4 2666MHz RDIMM ECC
Boot Drive 2.5" 500GB, 7,200rpm SATA Hard Drive/2.5" 256GB SATA Class 20 Sold State Drive
Raid Controller None
OS Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
Graphics Card NVIDIA Quadro P1000, 4GB
PCIe Slots x16: Graphics Card
x16: Karbon-CL 10-Tap Framegrabber
2off x4, x1: free

Date: N/A

Author: Andor

Category: Application Note

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