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Developing single molecule fluorescence in situ hybridization for detection and structural biology of RNA viruses

Dr Christof Hepp has been studying the mechanism of transcription, replication and selective packaging of influenza virus at the University of Oxford. An additional area of focus has been in considering different approaches for rapid and highly specific detection of viruses within different samples.

Here, Dr Hepp provides an overview of how their group has been using smRNA FISH for the detection of individual virus particles by fluorescence microscopy. By modifying a previously described RNA FISH protocol they show how they have been able to establish a protocol for rapid detection of influenza, and additionally for SARS-Cov2 particles in throat swabs. In this webinar this research around RNP structure and selective packaging in influenza virus is discussed. Additionally, they explain how sequence-specific hybridization probes are extended with a barcode strategy and the use of DNA-PAINT multiplexed imaging that provides exceptionally high resolution.

This presentation was part of the Andor Virology Virtual Conference March 2021.

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